• Increase Your Sales & Profits

  • Create Scale and Growth

  • Leverage Your Time

The 5 Stage Framework ...

If you want to Maximise the Value & Performance of your Business,
Then You Need to Follow a Proven Framework
  • Stage 1. Game Plan

    Your Plan for Success - Vision, Model, Leadership

    A strategic plan drives momentum and direction. It ensures you have clarity and focus. It also gives you something to align your team around and drive accountability throughout the business. It's your roadmap to success...
    Define it, Align to it, Deploy and Implement it.
  • Stage 2. Optimise

    Your Structure for Growth - Time, Cash, Data

    Optimise the performance of current initiatives to esnure they are as effective as possible and get you some quick wins. Ensure your team and delivery methods are as productive as they can be and get your time back. Refine you structure to ensure it properly supports your business model.
    Test and Measure Everything!
  • Stage 3. Systemise

    Build Replication - Systems, Team, Leverage

    Creating leverage in the business will enable it to operate without you. Building replication means you can scale, expand and grow. Develop and streamline systems so that the business can operate consistently and efficiently. Build a high performing team with strong managers you can delegate to and an ever increasing calibre of people you can rely on.
    Create the foundations for effective scale and growth.
  • Stage 4. Innovate

    Expand and Grow - Attract, Convert, Scale

    Solid foundations are now in place to scale and grow the business. Ramp up high impact sales and marketing initiatives to drive further growth. Replicate and expand the business into new geographical areas or markets.
    Find new ways forward!
  • Stage 5. Freedom

    Strategic Exit - Wealth, Choice, Freedom

    You now have a business that's a valuable asset. It's Profitable, Scaleable and can Operate without you. Time to decide on the strategic next steps... Will you sell it (or part of it), diversify into other assets or businesses, keep expanding it or step back and collect passive income?
    Exit, Diversify or Expand.

What People Are Saying...

  • “I first met George at an event he was presenting at in conjuction with one of the large banks. Back then, I wanted to build my business in such a way, that it would be highly profitable, easy to scale and would require minimial input from me. The idea was to eventually sell the business for as much as possible and move on to the next one. At the time the business was only breaking even and required upwards of 80 hours a week of my time.

    With George's help, my business partner and I, streamlined our marketing initiatives, built strong systems and structure into the business, hired and developed a great team as well as created a completely automated sales process that constantly converted high quality customers.
    In a relatively short amount of time, our sales skyrocketed into the millions while maintaining our already high margins.
    I was able to reduce my involvement to only 1-2 days per week... and just over 
    4 years later we sold the business for a healthy 7 figure sum that was too good to turn down.
    David Andrawez - directSMS
  • “I had just taken over the family business, when I met George. It was a one man operation that had been established for over 40 years and had stagnated. George helped me build proper systems, hire a great team and focus on high impact sales and marketing strategies. 
    Our average dollar sale went from $280 to $1,210 and our conversion rate increased by 166%! The business can now run without me for weeks on end and
    I have even been interviewed on TV as a retail expert!”
    Spiro Dellis - Dellis Furniture
  • “I met George through our franchise group and was keen to get new ideas, as well as some help to grow my business. Back then I had a business that was making good money, but I was working very, very hard for it.
    Since then, I have learnt a lot about being a better manager and leader as well as building strong systems and processes in the business. It feels like we have grown 20 times over. We have tripled the amount of trucks we operate, grown the team and there is plenty of money in the bank account (and it keeps growing)
    Dean Weldon - Pirtek Newman
Are you ready to maximise the value and performance of your business?